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TracNav(TracNav/TOC_Development)? The Noxons are a very aggressive and cruel species. They behave animalistic and rely on instinct rather than on intelligence or rational thinking. There are of course intelligent Noxons as they have the perfect individual for each task. Think of evolution on drugs when thinking about the biological achievement of the Noxons. They never needed tools or weapons as we did, they just grew them. The species is rather young and got united early on their planet, which means they act in unison everywhere they go.


The Noxons never fight against each other as they do not know anything called individualism or self interest. Everything a Noxon does is in the interest of the whole species. Noxons are not stupid however, they are specialists in what they were designed for. A space ship of the Noxons, for instance, is a genetically designed Noxon which can safely transport a lot of other Noxons to some other place in the universe. Their animalistic nature is a great advantage because they don't feel fear or pity during a fight.

Communication is done via pheromones and special secretion which will have a certain scent only other Noxons (those who are ment to) will be able to decode and understand. The objective of each individual is written into the genetic code. Every Noxon knows therefore automatically what he's got to do as this is his instinct. The knowledge a certain Noxon needs to do his task is given to him in his genetic code, which makes learning mostly obsolete.


On planets where the Noxons live they have special buildings (also living creatures) which look to the sky, they will remind you slightly of our telescopes. With these telescopes they find other planets and shoot spores into this direction. As this is a very crude way to space travel, spores are discharged in great numbers to finally meet their targets. Of course many spores will end up in a star or fly through space forever, but some spores will actually hit something they can grow and expand on.

For smaller distances a Noxon spaceship can shoot small masses into various directions to change its trajectory. This may again sound crazy, but be reminded, that those spaceships are greatly specialized for their purpose and therefore are not really at a disadvantage.


The more intelligent leaders of the Noxon species are very religious and pray to the Goddess of the Night hence their name. They do not idolize the Goddess of the Night, but fear her instead. The prophesy of the Goddess says that they will go extinct due to a great enemy. The Noxons won't perish without a fight and are therefore extremely hostile towards everything non-Noxon.


Noxons don't have tools, instruments or anything we would call technology. Noxon spaceships are however equipped with sensors for a wide spectrum of radiation. Let's call them eyes. The Noxon's computers are large brains, groups of neurons which are able to learn, process large amounts of data and sensations. However if resources are rare and an emergency occurs, Noxons can hijack alien technology and use it to their advantage. This is however only a temporary solution as this technology is not part of the genetic code of a Noxon and can therefore not be reused in later generations.

Also among the Noxon gene designers there are the purists who frown upon hijacking technology as the Noxonian gene modification are sacred to them. For the less principled designers this practice is useful to create more resilient individuals.