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The human race in Orxonox is still not united on Earth, but expanded to the stars and colonized Mars. On Earth there are 5 major governments controlling large areas on the planet. Inter-government relations are more or less stable so treaties and agreements keep the Earth's population to fall into chaos.

More problematic are fights between areas and states inside the big unions. Civil wars happen often and on large scale. The problem with large governments is, that smaller more independent areas may fight for their independence.

On Mars the governments are represented in form of colonies. Fights happen very often because resources are scarce and life in general is rougher. There exists a real racism between Earthlings and Martians, but every government wants a colony on Mars as a matter of principle and territorial influence.


United Countries of America (UCA)

Shortly after the third economic crisis in the former USA in the year 2030, president Stevens decided to open up the borders and revolutionized the country not just economically but also socially. These radical decisions threw the USA from the throne as the largest military and economical power, which is why Stevens was voted out of government after his first term. However his changes couldn't be reversed by the next president. Instead his successor reformed the whole North American continent by uniting with Canada and Mexico.

The rather social state of Canada entered the union by popular vote by the right leaning people. Social programs bankrupted the country and the Canadian people looked at the old US for solutions. Uniting with the US would give them a lot of leverage to create social programs (or the lack thereof) that would fit the new Canadian views.

For Mexico the union was greatly welcomed as the large American economy was only profitable for Mexico which had a very slowly rising economy, slowed down by the crisis in the US. The Mexicans would bring economic changes to the union as they are the only ones with a improving economy during the time of negotiation. However many Mexicans are very religious as are the US citizens, so the large majority created a state religion with Christianity.

The strongest reaction came from the right wing part of the former USA, which lead to a civil war close to the former border to Mexico. Some of the south states from the US tried to become independent, but economic dependence on the union were too great. In Canada left activists undermine efforts of the right wing government to cut social spending and privatizing national institutions. Both groups (social Canadians and right wing Americans) cause trouble to this point, which sometimes even lead to domestic terrorism.

The union of the North American states propelled them to be the largest military nation again. The military industrial complex grew stronger with Mexico and the right Canada. Besides a very strong union military-wise the UCA has a lot of social problems and the division between rich and poor people is huge. UCA's new constitution differs from the previous constitution of the USA in following points:

  • limitations of free speech
  • Christianity is the state religion

UCA flag

European Union (EU)

The EU in Orxonox consists of the current countries belonging to the EU at the time and all candidates, potential members or countries with special treaties with the EU.

In the EU social democracy had become the government of choice in every country. However the EU was grabbing more and more power, trying to unify all countries into one. This has sparked a movement for independence in many member states. Since the social programs are very strong, economic growth is stifled and military spending is very low. However facilities in the area of education and innovation receive a lot of funding, which makes Europe a great place to do research at.

However the financial situation is more than dire in the EU and the debt to AEAN is huge.


Association of East Asian Nations (AEAN)

After long rivalries, China and Japan have agreed to end their conflicts and band together to found the new world currency. Together with Korea they form the economically strongest countries and their union is mostly based on economic laws and treaties. In 2050 they merged with ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations) and extended the association's influence in all member countries.

AEAN's greatest rival are the CAU and the UCA as it has snatched away the throne of economic superiority from them. People from the AEAN are usually the richest ones. They are very good economist and traders.

Unfortunately the war with the CAU is affecting their way of life, so the prosperity comes with grand danger of attacks from their neighbors.


Central Asia Union (CAU)

The CAU basically consists of the middle east, India and Russia. The Central Asia Union is number two when it comes to the economy. Their union has been created out of necessity, since the AC has become a colossus and was growing quickly. That makes their agreements somewhat loose and they don't share much culture, laws or regulations. Their rivalries with the UCA has sparked a war that is going on for the last two decades and has continued in space between space colonies.


Confederation of South America (CSA)

South America feeds the world. While South America has not made much progress with innovation and weaponry, their economic stance has improved massively due to their focus on exporting food to all places of the world and even space. Most governments have adopted social democracies as their government system of choice.



Mining Corporations

Computer industry

Supply Companies

Most supply companies belong to the CSA as food and things for daily usage is their specialty. Spanish food items have become popular around the world and space. Instead of burger places, you will rather encounter taco restaurants on space-stations.


Failed Colonization Dreams

Governments encouraged people to go into space to work on mining platforms, science stations etc. They should build new communities and spread the influence of their governments. But not all these projects ended in a success (like the colonization of Venus and Mars). Space is a technically demanding environment. Many of the colonization platforms were staffed with bad educated and overstrained personal didn't reach their destination or break down because of insufficient and improper equipment and supplies. Governments suppressed such events to not discourage other settlers. Some people of these failed colonization projects survived. They are disappointed from their government and don't hesitate to harm it on their quest to survive in the hostile environment of space. They are very poor and not really harmful but there are many of them…

Privateers and Buccaneers

Some people in space make their living by ambushing supply treks. They steal equipment, food and sometimes also humans (if they are valuable). There are some smaller syndicates of pirates but no real structure. They fight for their profit and never do anything that is not worth the effort in hard currency. For some other people the pirates are some kind of heroes that fight against an unfair government.

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