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    5555In Stage Red the autopilot is turned off or in stand by. The pilot is given full control over every instrument. Flying in this stage is extremely dangerous, because there is nothing that holds the spaceship in orbit or limits acceleration and forces on the pilot or the spaceship. A ship that is flying in Stage Red can be easily damaged on it's own.
    57 === Artificial Gravitation ===
     57== Artificial Gravitation ==
    5959In the early 21st century, scientists at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland have found the source of gravitation in an experiment with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). They were able to simulate strong gravitational forces without the presence of large masses. As this technology has been refined and commercialized over the years, newer spaceships and space stations could afford to use it to build artificial floors without having to rely on centrifugal forces as artificial gravity. Newer spaceships and space station are therefore not built like cones or cylinders, but rather like planes or houses.
    6161Artificial gravity floors create a directed gravity field that can be switched on and off. The technology requires energy and belongs to one of the less important life support systems. Small spaceships like fighters and bombers have no artificial gravity, because the pilot does not move around in the ship.
     63== Interplanetary Travel ==
     65Because humanity's spaceships are not very fast, traveling between planets (basically between Earth, Mars and Jupiter) takes a very long time. To reduce travel time, most people travel only between planets when they are aligned with the sun and the distance between them has reached a minimum.
     67However the planets don't align very often, so in the time people travel, companies also ship their goods between the planets. The societies living on and around each planet are not totally independent of the economies of the other planets, but the rare contact forces them to seize the opportunity once the planets come closer.
    6369== Weapons ==