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Ganymede Energy Provision

GEP is one of the two big companies that mine hydrogen on Jupiter. The Company has a fleet of special mining ships that shuttle between Jupiter and Ganymede, where the hydrogen is loaded on the tankers.



The headquarters is located on Ganymede?, the biggest moon of Jupiter. On Ganymede, there is also a large space port, where hydrogen is loaded on huge tanker ships, that supply the whole solar system. In fact most of the company is located on Ganymede. There are some hubs in other system as well, but they do not bear any other function than serving as proxy and recruiting offices.

GEP has built five large building complexes on Ganymede:

  • HQ-Building with office of CEO and many others
  • Industrial space port
  • Refineries and factories
  • living quarters for employees
  • small space port for traders and visitors

Read more about them on the wiki-page on Ganymede?.



Friends and Foes

GEP is closely affiliated to the government of the UCA? as most oil companies were located in North America during the early 21st century. Thus most working staff are citizens of the UCA. As the company is very much independent in the Jupiter system all proxies in other systems are in UCA territory.

The biggest rival of the GEP is the RGC, another company in the same business. While open attacks are very rare, there is a lot of sabotage and spying. Both companies also use their money to hurt each other by hiring pirates to raid the opposing company. While the fight is more violent in the Jupiter system there is a more civil fight for market share in the other systems. Sabotage is a lot less common, but instead there is a lot of debate and negative advertising.

Interest to Player

GEP is one of the big players in the Jupiter system. The company will have a lot of work for the player. Many tasks will be related to mercenary work like protecting a freighter, supervising a H-pumping mission or escort a CEO to a meeting. We can also imagine spying and sabotage tasks or even double agent activities against RGC, the big rival of GEP.

Indirectly the GEP has a small space port for traders and visitors, where the player is able to meet new people and do some business. Large trading stations are however located elsewhere in the system.

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