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We advise you to read the following couple of pages, if you would like to start working with/on Orxonox:

Guides and Standards

Coding Tools

  • Open Source Tools? - Purposed coding environment for Linux with which we also support your problems.

Orxonox Framework


Development Cycles Model

The model of open-source development is normally an evolutionary one: There are three phases repeated until a threshold for iteration is reached or an adequate solution is obtained.

  1. Planning: In this phase, the development goals for the next cycle are stated.
  2. Implementation: The plan is being implemented in code.
  3. Review: A code freeze is initiated and the work is being analyzed to ensure, that the goals set in the planning phase have been reached. If not, the implementation phase has to be repeated.

The development process itself can be split into different stages which are repeated as necessary:

  1. Finding ideas & planning
  2. Frameworking
  3. Implementing game ideas
  4. Implementing story and worlds
  5. Alpha, beta, final release