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The core is a library of Orxonox, containing all central classes of the framework. It provides several functions and features, used by most of the objects in Orxonox and other libraries (network). Some functions are encapsuled in macros. Read the detailed descriptions and examples of the core-classes for more informations.

Core features

Name Description
ArgumentCompleter Completes arguments of a ConsoleCommand, based on a list
ArgumentCompletionFunctions Returns a list of possible ConsoleCommand arguments
BaseObject The common base of all objects in Orxonox
ClassFactory Creates a new object of a given class
ClassIdentifier Derivative of the Identifier, contains class-specific stuff
ClassTreeMask Includes or excludes classes from the class-tree
Clock Global timer objects that captures time via Ogre::Timer
CommandEvaluation Evaluates the function and the arguments of a ConsoleCommand string
CommandExecutor Executes a ConsoleCommand string
CommandLine Reads arguments from the shell and start.ini
ConfigFileManager Parses a config file and creates ConfigValueContainers? for each value
ConfigValueContainer Defines name and default-value of a configurable value
ConfigValueIncludes Declares helper macros for easy use of config values
ConsoleCommand Defines a command, which is basically a link between a string and a function
ConsoleCommandCompilation? A compilation of basic ConsoleCommands
CoreSettings? Stores some core-related settings and makes them configurable
CoreIncludes Defines several macros needed to create the class hierarchy
Executor Uses a Functor to execute functions with several features
Factory Stores ClassIdentifiers and the names of their classes
Functor Encapsules a function pointer with parameters and a return value
GameStates Manages the possible states of the game
Identifier Identifies the class of an object
IRC Chat in IRC through a Tcl library
Iterator Iterates through all objects of a class
Language Handles strings in different languages
Level Contains a level-file and a ClassTreeMask
Loader? Loads a Level
MetaObjectList Intern class for fast removal of objects from the ObjectList
Namespace? Used in Levels to group objects
ObjectList Stores all objects of a class
ObjectListIterator Iterates through all objects of a given ObjectList
OrxonoxClass The base class of all objects and interfaces that use Identifiers
RootGameState? The root of all GameStates
Script? Used for interaction between Orxonox and Lua
Shell? The technical part of the ingame console
SubclassIdentifier Acts like an Identifier, but has a base-class
Super Easy and save call of a virtual parent function
TclBind Used for interaction betweeen Orxonox and Tcl
TclThreadManager? Creates threads for parallel execution of Tcl scripts
XMLPort Defines some macros and classes for easy XML parsing

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