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About Orxonox

What is Orxonox? Open Source, C++, SDL, OpenGL… TODO

The Story

The year is 2102. The universe is still expanding, stars and galaxies adorn the skies of the planets all over the universe. Supernovas send their exploding flashes through the infinite wideness. Black holes suck in beams of light and the sun of the solar system is still shining down on Earth and Mars. But it's not like nothing has changed. read more?

The Engine

Even though this is not usual anymore today, we started this project by programming our own game engine. We did this because we wanted to understand how games work. We are now proud to say, that Orxonox has a working game engine, that does not need to fear a comparison with the todays open source game engines on the web.

You can read more about the engine features here?.



Email, mailing list, forum … TODO