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Orxonox - the hottest 3D action shooter ever to exist



New Framework Development in Progress — November 20, 2007, 13:15

Most of the road blocking design questions have been answered and the orxonox code development crew is back on track again. Current work includes a brand new core framework basing on Ogre, loading, class hierarchy, networking, particles, player control, artificial intelligence, physics, weapon system, hud and any cool models! We all wish the development crew good luck in their mission!

Start of Orxonox PPS — October 4, 2007, 13:15

The list of the PPS subscribers has been published. We are happy to welcome the 14 interested students who want to learn more about game design and open source development. We're looking forward to work and learn with you. The PPS starts this Wednesday. - Beni?

Orxonox V2 — September 26, 2007, 23:54

The Orxonox Think Tank was a success. We talked about the future of Orxonox and we agreed, there will be an Orxonox V2 that bases on an external graphics library (which is not yet defined).

Orxonox Think Tank — September 24, 2007, 18:00

Orxonox think tank about the route the game has take and changes for the next semester. All the people who want to contribute ideas meet at hofzges place at 6pm.

Redesign of Orxonox Website — September 23, 2007, 21:28

The webpage task force (Hofzge?, Nowic? and Beni?) is close to finish the redesign of the Orxonox Website. With help from Patrick? we came to the conclusion that the website should be integrated into our wiki and that the wiki needs a major redesign. Thanks to Pascal Graf?, who designed the new wiki, we were able to give our side a new look and advantages to visitors, developers and site administrators.

Orxonox Convention 6 — June 21, 2007, 11:45

The sixth Orxonox convention is in town! Be sure to join in at 2 p.m. at the ETZ E1 at Gloriastrasse 35.

Orxonox Blog — April 20, 2007, 11:45

To improve the popularity of Orxonox, I started a blog at the ETH. Check it out on this page and leave a comment! - Beni?


Orxonox is an open source game. It's a mix between a spacecraft shooter and a first person shooter. It plays in a post apocalyptic world, where humanity struggles to survive under the threat of extermination by the Noxons, an evil alien species. We started this project in May 2004 and since then we have written our own game engine and created game content for the first levels.

This year we made some major changes affecting the whole code of Orxonox. Because our own engine got to its limits, we decided to rewrite parts of Orxonox with a third party librariy and changed to the open source engine Ogre. Find out more about us.

To become a part of Orxonox yourself write a post in our forum to tell us about your ideas! Or just ask us about our ideas. Contact us!

Found any bugs? Please submit your bug reports here.

Orxonox is partly developed by students of the ETH Zürich. We do also offer a PPS course for students in the second year of their studies at the D-ITET. If your interested in our teaching or if you're a student starting your second year at the D-ITET, we're glad to give you more information on the PPS site?.

You can download Orxonox for free and for every operating system. Check out the download page for further details.

Download Orxonox:Download