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Orxonox - the hottest 3D action shooter ever to exist

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Orxonox is a game. It's a mix between a spacecraft shooter, vertical scroller and a first person shooter. It plays in a post apocalyptic world, where humanity struggles to survive under the constant threat of extermination by the Noxons. We started this project in May 2004 and since then we have written our own game engine and created game content for some demo levels.

To become a part of Orxonox yourself write an email to orxonox at and tell us about your ideas! Or just ask us about our ideas :D

Orxonox is mainly developed by students of the ETH Zürich. We do also offer a PPS course for students in the second year of their studies at the D-ITET. If your interested in our teaching or if you're a student starting your second year at the D-ITET, we're glad to give you more information on the PPS site?.

You can download Orxonox for free and for every operating system. Check out the download page for further details.

Download Orxonox here:

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