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Milestone 0.3.5_playability orx-v0

Completed 14 years ago (Mar 1, 2006, 1:05:17 PM)


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Make Orxonox (v0) Playable

We will create a first playable version of Orxonox: a network deathmatch world. It will have the following properties:

  1. Networkgame: server, client architecture (star-form). Game mode: deathmatch
  2. Game goal manager: the first player to reach X kills will win
  3. One single game map: a urban city with many skyscrapers, big fat buildings and a small green park in the middle of the map: with some nice trees, some bushes and many small objects, that enhance the atmosphere. Many background sounds, and the Orxonox game music.
  4. Three playable/changeable spacecrafts
  5. Three to four different weapon systems, balanced
  6. Character system: health and shield measurement, interaction through collisions and powerups
  7. Simple HUD: display health and shield informations
  8. Orxonox intro video (before level loading)
  9. Ground walking: heightmap will make it possible to walk/drive on the ground
  10. Car control system, car physics
  11. One or two car models (tanks or something like this)
  12. Two different weapon systems

After reaching this goal, we will produce a first Orxonox alpha release.

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