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source: code/branches @ 11364

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
BigShip_HS16 11329   4 years pschefer Final version of endurance big ship
bindermFS16 11194   5 years binderm final commit
cegui0.8 11124   5 years landauf fixed some more errors: use 0.8-notation for images
Dialog_HS16 11346   4 years maxima separate files for Dialog
Dialogue_FS17 11360   4 years maxima new branch for pps
ExplosionParts_FS17 11361   4 years maxima new branch for pps
Fvultier_HS16 11218   4 years fvultier New banch for fvultier for HS16.
gamestates3 7713   10 years dafrick Updating branch for changes in the data repository. Please also update …
Highscore_HS16 11333   4 years kappenh Finished Project
HUD_HS16 11352   4 years patricwi most changes before the merge, added individual HUDPickupTemplate for …
mac_HS16 11294   4 years ahedges revert commenting out of macros
mac_osx2 8391   10 years youngk Added gravitational pull to both planets. This is getting fun!
ogre1.9 11211   5 years bknecht Merging cegui0.8 branch into ogre1.9 branch
plehmannFS16 11204   5 years plehmann implemented the update function of MoveToTask. but it does not yet …
Presentation_HS16 11350   4 years maxima waypoints merged to presentation
presentationFS16 11209   5 years fvultier Preparation for the presentation. Failing the mission in …
QuestGuide_HS16 11349   4 years maxima separate files for Waypoints
release2012 9377   8 years jo Renaming some level descriptions.
sagerjFS16 11205   5 years sagerj zusammengemerged mit florin project
SpaceRace_HS16 11337   4 years bberabi all the other unnessary spacerace files are deleted, oldracecheckpoint …
SpaceRaceAI_HS16 11217   4 years maxima new branch for PPS
StoryModeMap_HS16 11330   4 years marvinh Finale Version. Die Buttons sind unsichtbar und darueber ist ein …
SuperOxoBros_FS17 11364   4 years maxima new branch for pps
tgidronFS16 11201   5 years tgidron Final Project
tutorial 8882   9 years smerkli just testing
tutorial2 9378   8 years smerkli Fixed skybox to be something that works in tutorial.oxw
tutorial3 9528   8 years jo Bringing the tutorial branch up to date.
tutorial4 9993   7 years smerkli Backported a library fix I did in the trunk a while ago so the …
tutorial5 10282   6 years maxima AutonomousDrone files for Tutorial
tutorial6 11136   5 years fvultier Made tutorial compatible with the new core.
usability 8078   10 years dafrick Reverting changes made in revision 8035, that based the menu …
wiimote 9919   7 years georgr boost mapped to B; roll, steering and acceleration(c/Z) all working.
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