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source: code/branches @ 10362

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
core6 9662   8 years landauf use SmallObjectAllocator for ObjectListElements
core7 10362   6 years landauf use static identifier initializer to store the inheritance definition …
formationFS15 10321   7 years sborghi New Level File
gamestates3 7713   11 years dafrick Updating branch for changes in the data repository. Please also update …
mac_osx2 8391   10 years youngk Added gravitational pull to both planets. This is getting fun!
multiplayerFS15 10334   7 years frovelli Added serverlist ping display in LAN
ParticleEffectsFS15 10309   7 years maxima new branch for PPS
release2012 9377   9 years jo Renaming some level descriptions.
SciptableControllerFS15 10315   7 years rgraczyk Added some comments
shaders 9511   9 years davidsa tweaked lens flare base colour in the test level
soundEffects 9437   9 years jo Rough example on how to add sound to existing orxonox objects. A …
SpaceshipNavigation2 9396   9 years soroa Created a new class called FindClosestEnemy
towerdefenseFS15 10351   6 years landauf using the 'official' way to define a non-static console command
tuandreFS15 10312   7 years maxima new branch for andrea
tutorial 8882   10 years smerkli just testing
tutorial2 9378   9 years smerkli Fixed skybox to be something that works in tutorial.oxw
tutorial3 9528   9 years jo Bringing the tutorial branch up to date.
tutorial4 9993   8 years smerkli Backported a library fix I did in the trunk a while ago so the …
tutorial5 10282   7 years maxima AutonomousDrone files for Tutorial
usability 8078   11 years dafrick Reverting changes made in revision 8035, that based the menu …
weaponFS15 10341   6 years meggiman Started implementing GravityBombField
wiimote 9919   8 years georgr boost mapped to B; roll, steering and acceleration(c/Z) all working.
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