Orxonox  0.0.5 Codename: Arcturus
orxonox::math Namespace Reference

Often used numerical constants because C++ doesn't define any. More...


constexpr float e = 2.718281269073486328125f
 e More...
constexpr float pi = 3.1415927410125732421875f
 PI. More...
constexpr float pi_2 = 1.57079637050628662109375f
 PI / 2. More...
constexpr float pi_4 = 0.785398185253143310546875f
 PI / 4. More...
constexpr float sqrt2 = 1.41421353816986083984375f
 sqrt(2) More...
constexpr float sqrt2_2 = 0.707106769084930419921875f
 sqrt(2) / 2 More...
constexpr float twoPi = 6.283185482025146484375f
 PI * 2. More...

Detailed Description

Often used numerical constants because C++ doesn't define any.

The values here are decimal representations of the approximate floating point value as it is stored according to the IEEE 754 standard.

Variable Documentation

constexpr float orxonox::math::e = 2.718281269073486328125f


constexpr float orxonox::math::pi = 3.1415927410125732421875f


constexpr float orxonox::math::pi_2 = 1.57079637050628662109375f

PI / 2.

constexpr float orxonox::math::pi_4 = 0.785398185253143310546875f

PI / 4.

constexpr float orxonox::math::sqrt2 = 1.41421353816986083984375f


constexpr float orxonox::math::sqrt2_2 = 0.707106769084930419921875f

sqrt(2) / 2

constexpr float orxonox::math::twoPi = 6.283185482025146484375f

PI * 2.