Orxonox  0.0.5 Codename: Arcturus
Todo List
Member orxonox::CollisionShape::calculateLocalInertia (float mass, btVector3 &inertia) const
Class orxonox::DialogManager
reseting or setting new start for dialog on exit, to allow coming back to a npc picture of person parameters to differ dialog depending on some world values, like items, completed objectives etc...
Class orxonox::Dynamicmatch
: pig punkte vergeben pro Zeit! killerfarbe schwarz; evtl. eigenes Raumfahrzeug; Low; Codeoptimierung und Dokumentation
Class orxonox::MuzzleFlash
Remove because it's unused?
Class orxonox::NotificationListener
Consistent terminology between message, notification and command.
Member orxonox::QuestManager::QuestManager ()
Is inheriting from BaseObject proper?
Member orxonox::QuestManager::retrievePlayer (const std::string &guiName)
This very well might be outdated. So: Check if still needed, and update if necessary.
Class orxonox::SpaceRaceController
Module Pickup
This is completely outdated. Someone who knows how pickups work should update this.
File ticpp.h

add UNKNOWN support. See ticpp::NodeFactory.

add TYPECOUNT support. See ticpp::NodeFactory.

Add a quick reference