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Discussion thread for universe

Be aware that some parts will be transferred to other sections when the universe gets bigger.


The year is 2102. The universe is still expanding, stars and galaxies adorn the skies of the planets all over the universe. Supernovas send their exploding flashes through the infinite wideness. Black holes suck in beams of light and the sun of the solar system is still shining down on Earth and Mars. But it's not like nothing has changed.


Humans are no longer alone in the universe. There are two alien races from distant systems with big knowledge about the physics of the universe. Their technology is far beyond the progress the humans made in the last hundred years. The humans fear the aliens, not because the aliens harm the humans, but because of the power the aliens have through their technology and knowledge. Humans feel like kids in the present of their visitors.
There are the Asheroc which can't be called a friend neither an enemy. They are known for a few decades now. And there are the Noxons, a very aggressive race which is completely unknown a the complete opposite of the rather friendly Asheroc.

Colonization of Mars and the Solar system

Humans live on Earth and on Mars. They've built a lot of space stations at the edge of their territory and they feel like they have it under control - wrongly as we will see. They built a large space station on Europa (Jupiter moon) called Europa I used as reloading point of the harvested Jupiter gas. This looks good, right? Humankind established a lot of things, haven't they?


Wrong! The humans still have the same weaknesses they had for years. There are few rich guys and a huge part of the population is poor and has to live its life in the slums of the large cities on Earth and Mars or they try to make a living as pirates or gas pumpers in space. The little man gets ripped off by the rich society which tries to separate itself from the dirt out there but still wants to gain from it. The governments are fighting desperately for ressources like ore, gas and water; wars are fought in space and the relationships are tense. The little man suffers under the meaningless wars for power.

wild space

Space is a difficult and dangerous place. Space travels with the crappy spaceships of the poor people aren't safe at all. Pirates and clans control the universe rather than the governments, since pirates aren't bound in religion or nationality and gain power through terrorism, kidnappings and smuggling.
Chaos. The political links and relations are too difficult to explain without going back hundreds of years. None of the uneducated people know why there is war and who really fights who.

a spark of hope?

But humans also have their good sides, they are adaptable. Even in this broken down world there are very few more or less peaceful places. A bar at the edge of nothingness or a small spaceship garage in the middle of the huge cities isn't affected by killing and war.
Imagine the populated places as broken down places. On Earth and especially on Mars there are building sides which will never be finished.

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