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The TrackManager handles the flow of the Players through the game.

The TrackManager works as followed:

  • Initialize it, by setting up the Graph. You can do this by using the following Commands.
    • workOn(): changes the ID that will be altered through the changes.
    • setCurveType(): lets you set the CurveType of the Curve we are Working on. (default is BezierCurve, set this as early as possible, for his uses resources).
    • setDuration(): sets the length of the current path in seconds.
    • addPoint(): adds a point to the Curve.
    • addHotPoint(): adds save/splitpoint.
    • fork(): adds some interessting non-linear movments through the level (fork will force addHotPoint if not done then).
    • condition(): decides under what condition a certain Path will be chosen.
    • join(): joins some tracks together again. Join will set the localTime to the longest time a Path has to get to this Point)
    • setSavePoint(): Sets a HotPoint into a savePoint. A Savepoint can be used as a rollbackpoint if a Player gets shot.

HotPoints and Joins are at the beginning of a TrackElement. SavePoints and Forks are at the end of a TrackElement. Look out: SAVEPOINTS CAN NOT BE FORKS (but joins), because the condition is really hard to guess if you do not give some impuls.

  • Runtime knows the following:
    • calcPos(): returns the current position on the track
    • calcDir(): returns the current Direction the track is flying on.
    • tick(): makes a Step on the Path. increases localTime by dt.
    • choosePath(): a Function that decides which Path we should follow.

TrackManager can be handled as a StateMachine.

  • Names:
    • TrackManager: handles Tracks
    • Track: The Track that the ship can follow
    • Path: one way through the Level, that is dependent on conditionals.
    • Conditional: A decition making device, that chooses betwen different TrackElements? for the Path.
    • TrackElement: A Part of A whole Track
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