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Solaris on Tardis

There are generally two ways to install Orxonox (from the source code) onto the System The first one is the default approach and requires you to have a copy and all subversion files on your account. The second approach requires you to check out orxonox every time you switch your workstation.

Home Directory Approach

  1. Download the source code with subversion either from ( or (
    $ svn co orxonox/trunk
  2. Enter the checked out directory and configure it. This requires a special switch (—with-tardis), that automatically sets all environment flags for you at configure time.
    $ ./
    $ ./configure --with-tardis
    $ make -j3
  3. now you are ready to work with the source code

Tardis local Approach

  1. Download the script You will probably have to change the permissions of the file, so you can execute it.
    $ wget
    $ chmod 755
  2. Execute the script (to get the trunk):
    $ ./
    This will automatically check out the trunk to /scratch/{username}/orxonox/trunk.
    If you'd like to check out a branch, you can use the script like this:
    $ ./ branches/myBranche

Comparison of the Methods

/ Home-Account Tardis-Local
Checkout once per account once per tardis and account
Compiling network → slow local → much faster
Linking very slow (30 seconds+) fast
Space user account scratch

I recommend the tardis local approach, even if you have to compile Orxonox again and again.

To be faster there is also the possibility to

$ make -j3

which will automatically use 3 processes to compile Orxonox and since most of the tardis are hyper-threaded Orxonox compiles very fast.

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