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Howto Code

Operating System Specific

This is a guide on how to code and compile under certain operating systems:

see the SystemTable

static, Operating System indendant stuff

Data Storage

for orxonox to run you must have a copy of the Data-directory on your system. There are multiple Ways to get this:

  1. Get a copy by downloading it: newest Version from the snapshots
  2. check out the Data-Directory by subversion
    svn co orxonox/data/trunk
  3. start orxonox and press the update button (not yet implemented :)) → but soon :)

orxonox Specific

  1. check out the Code with:
    wraith# svn co orxonox/trunk
  1. get the data repository (example for trunk)
    wraith# cd orxonox/trunk
    wraith# ./script/data.checkout
    A  data/worlds
    A  data/worlds/newGround.obj
    A  data/worlds/newGround.mtl
    A  data/worlds/DefaultWorld.oxw
    A  data/worlds/DefaultCampaign.oxc
    Checked out revision 27.
    alternatively you could check-out the data-repository by yourself, using:
    wraith# svn co orxonox/data/trunk
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