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Engine Features


Platform & 3D API support

  • Linux, Windows (all major versions) and Mac OSX support
  • OpenGL, OpenAL support
  • Builds on gcc 4+ on Linux, Mac OSX (using XCode) and Windows using Cygwin
  • Framework bases on SDL library

Material / Shader support

  • Powerful material declaration language
  • Load textures from PNG, JPEG, TGA or BMP
  • Textures can be provided and updated in realtime
  • Material LOD support; your material's cost is reduced as the objects using them get further away
  • Easy loading/unloading of OpenGL shaders


  • Import from many modelling tools including Blender, Milkshape3D, 3D Studio Max and Maya as .obj/.mtl and md2 files
  • Quake 3 BSP model format support
  • Height map loading support with many additional features
  • Linear 3D animation module

Misc Graphics Engine

  • Powerfull and fast ParticleEngine, including easily extensible emitters. Uses billboarding.
  • Generic WeatherEngine creating raind, snow, thunder and lightning effects
  • Very nice water effects with shader support (including reflection and refraction)
  • Self made graphical user interface very adaptable and performant
  • Support for skyboxes, skyplanes and skydomes, very easy to use

Collision Detection

  • Algorithm to create an Object-Aligned-Bounding-Box out of a triangle-soup
  • OBB obj-obj collision detection
  • Quadtree separation on the terrain, triangle-OBB collision detection for terrain-obj collisions
  • Id-Softwares' BSP model format and collision algorithms


  • Robust UDP/TCP based networking module
  • Proxy server support which makes the game very scalable (almost arbitrary player numbers, almost :D )
  • Different supported game modes for multiplayer games

Artificial Intelligence

  • We have a very powerfull script engine based on LUA: object creation and control is one of many features
  • Some very simple AI scripts

Misc. Engine

  • Powerful and simple event-handling system, supporting different states and many input devices like mouse, joystick, joypad and keyboard
  • Generic world loading over XML files
  • Easy to use XML and ini reader/writer
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