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This Page contains a timeline of what has happen up to the point where the player enters Orxonox

  • 2016: Switzerland abolished their army
  • 2018: Switzerland becomes a full member of the EU
  • 2030: Switzerland drops its neutrality, and is amongst others responsible for the 3rd World War
  • 2030-2035: WW3 - basically annihilates the Arabic world
  • 2035: UNO get disbanded
  • 2040-2050: Country-swallowing, creation of UCA, CAU and AU, enlargement of EU - includes now South-Africa and Australia
  • 2080-2100: Second space race
  • 2104: Foundation of the UEA
  • 2125: First Colony on Mars
  • 2170: start of terraformation of Venus
  • 2260: Independence of Venus
  • 2262-2272: Mars riots
  • 2301: present day

The Fate of Switzerland

In 2016 Switzerland abolishes their army and are in fact the first country with no protection.
In 2018 Switzerland joins the EU as a full member.
Due to these decisions the rightwinged parties gained more voters than ever. The tension raises and before 2030 when the third world war starts, the army gets founded again. During the third world war Switzerland looses its neutrality in combat and attacks countries in the middle east.
After the third world war the EU kicks out Switzerland due major conflicts regarding army, the role of the EU in the world and trading. The EU also demanded to get cheap water from Switzerland, since the world population nearly reaches 10 billions and switzerland is one of those countries who have plenty of fresh water. A war between switzerland and the EU was inescapable.
In 2040 switzerland surrenders and the country gets devided into a french, italien and german part which goes to France, Italy and Germany. So Switzerland returns to EU, but not as Switzerland anymore.

Country Swallowing

This procedure – later called “country-swallowing” in the history books – is very common from 2040 to 2050 and so in 2050 the UCA, CAU, AC and EU are the only countries which are left besides Africa which never managed to catch up with the rest of the world and some south american countries which never had the chance to stand up for themselves since the UNO has been canceled.

The big 4

There are only a few big governments left: Unites Countries of America (UCA) the old USA, Canada, parts of Mexico and Kuba, European Union (EU) with some parts of North Africa and Australia (england put them under their crown), India with some countries of central asia (CAU central asia union) and the Asian Community (AC) which contains China, Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Taiwan and some other islands.


The following scenario is used for the story of the game Orxonx only and neither the developers of Orxonox nor any persons relating the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) believe this scenario is a realistic projection of the near future. The game Orxonox will contain neither political nor religious messages. We, the developers of Orxonox, would like to build our game story in the near future of our world with the countries and communities we know, which does not imply that any of us believes that anything will happen like that. We do also not intend to make others, like the players of the game, believe this scenario and we also do not intend to offend or harm anyone or any political or religious group. This game and therefore also this story is open source so using and/or consuming is under your own responsibility. If you fell offended or do not feel to take responsibility, please refrain from reading the story or playing the game. Any similarities with future or past events or persons are accidental and unintended.

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