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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#284 Collision Shapes enhancement minor Physics/ODE 0.2.0
#286 WorldEntity scaling with physics defect minor Physics/ODE 0.0.4
#304 Convert Console nobody enhancement minor HUD 0.2.0
#344 Design a skin for the GUI nobody enhancement minor GUI 0.0.5
#396 Racing Bots nobody task minor AI 0.0.4
#397 Devastate the Earth nobody task minor GameContent 0.0.5
#406 Intelligent Formation nobody task minor misc 0.1
#414 Create a realistic looking earth nobody task minor GameContent 0.0.5
#420 Collisionshapes from Model - Autocollisionshapes nobody PPS_project minor Physics/ODE 0.1
#490 Improve OrxoBros nobody enhancement minor AI
#491 Enhance Towerdefense nobody enhancement minor misc
#492 Pacman Ghost AI nobody enhancement minor AI 0.1
#494 Spaceship with BumpMap nobody new feature minor AI 0.1
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