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Status: assigned (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#343 GUI Animation Engine bknecht enhancement minor GUI 0.0.4
#392 Scriptable Controller kohlia task minor AI 0.0.4

Status: closed (35 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#261 Adjust audio to new loader nobody defect minor Sound 0.2.0
#246 Appealing mouse control nobody task major Control 0.1.2
#247 Appealing mouse control rgrieder task major Control 0.1.2
#253 Basic Shader Implementation janise PPS_project minor GraphicsEngine 0.1.1
#312 Bug: Ogre config dialog nobody defect critical GraphicsEngine 0.2.0
#305 Bug: String values nobody defect major GeneralFramework 0.2.0
#302 Bug: TclThreadManager nobody defect critical GeneralFramework 0.2.0
#290 Buildsystem branch without ogre.cfg nobody defect blocker GraphicsEngine 0.2.0
#244 Check for OIS nobody defect trivial Cmake
#245 Check for libBoost nobody defect trivial Cmake
#228 Class hierarchy nobody task blocker GeneralFramework 0.0.2
#251 Designing and scripting Menus konrad task minor Menu 0.2.0
#249 Document all code everybody defect blocker Doxygen 0.2.0
#384 Entering a space station nobody task minor GameContent 0.0.4
#292 Examine GSLevel nobody defect minor GameLoader 0.2.0
#252 HUD: Modules chaiy task minor HUD 0.2.0
#257 Implement the WindowEventListener nobody task minor Ogre 0.2.0
#333 Improve XML-Level-Loader muemart enhancement major GameLoader 0.2.0
#330 Ingame Notifications dafrick task minor misc 0.1.0
#248 Key mapping rgrieder task major InputSystem 0.2.0
#307 Make CEGUILua v0.5.0 Lua 5.1 compliant rgrieder defect major Cmake 0.2.0
#297 Make orxonox.log configurable rgrieder defect major GeneralFramework 0.2.0
#314 Move tcl scripts to a separate folder nobody defect minor ScriptEngine 0.2.0
#255 Multiple player support nobody task blocker Network 0.2.0
#424 New Waepons/Improve the weapon class sagerj PPS_project minor GameContent 0.0.4
#229 Object-hierarchy landauf task minor GeneralFramework 0.1.0
#262 Physics Engine task minor Physics/ODE
#279 Planets runom task minor GameContent
#296 Remove GraphicsEngine Hack nobody defect minor GraphicsEngine 0.2.0
#336 Remove Tcl library from media landauf enhancement critical ScriptEngine 0.2.0
#300 Rename String.h nobody defect major GeneralFramework 0.2.0
#243 Scripting engine with lua bknecht task minor ScriptEngine 0.2.0
#332 Support for Ogre v1.6 nobody task minor Ogre 0.2.0
#260 Update run-script nobody defect major AI
#254 function test of simple client <-> server connection dumenim, scheusso defect blocker Network 0.2.0

Status: new (10 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#270 Basic Weapon Concept enhancement minor WeaponSystem
#264 Binary distribution (CPack) enhancement minor misc
#393 Content Polish nobody task minor GameContent 0.0.4
#373 Design a phpBB Skin For Our Forum nobody task minor misc 0.0.4
#363 Evaluate OpenCL support nobody enhancement minor misc 0.2.0
#430 Highscore system for minigames nobody task minor Network 0.0.4
#266 Object Priorities scheusso enhancement major Network
#309 Spaceship steering and behaviour task major Control 0.2.0
#335 Terminate Tcl threads landauf defect minor ScriptEngine 0.2.0
#381 Waypoints/Quest Guide nobody task minor GameContent 0.0.4
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