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(edit) @1988   13 years rgrieder Tardis compiles both Bullet and OgreBullet completely. However there …
(edit) @1987   13 years rgrieder Smaller fixes. Should be ok now for msvc.
(edit) @1986   13 years rgrieder updated msvc files to build Bullet and OgreBullet.
(edit) @1985   13 years rgrieder Split up OgreBullet into Collisions and Dynamics as it was intended by …
(edit) @1984   13 years rgrieder Added folders to split OgreBullet.
(edit) @1983   13 years rgrieder Some minor adjustments to compile OgreBullet with CMake.
(edit) @1982   13 years adrfried ceguilua reverted to 0.6.1
(edit) @1981   13 years adrfried tardis fixes
(edit) @1980   13 years adrfried using ceguilua-0.5.0
(edit) @1979   13 years adrfried test
(edit) @1978   13 years adrfried simplified use of -iquote
(edit) @1977   13 years adrfried further cleanup
(edit) @1976   13 years adrfried started adding paths for tardis in CheckTardis.cmake
(edit) @1975   13 years adrfried lua removed and using extern one
(edit) @1974   13 years rgrieder src/CMakeLists.txt update for OgreBullet and Bullet.
(edit) @1973   13 years rgrieder Added OgreOde svn trunk version info.
(edit) @1972   13 years rgrieder Downgraded Bullet to latest tagged version: 2.72 That should give us …
(edit) @1971   13 years rgrieder Added OgreBullet to the repository. The revision was 2493 …
(edit) @1970   13 years landauf added Template class
(edit) @1969   13 years landauf some small adjustments in Trigger (console command and xmlport)
(edit) @1968   13 years landauf added MovableEntity with network optimization for constant velocity …
(edit) @1967   13 years rgrieder updated CMLs accordingly.
(edit) @1966   13 years rgrieder Let's go for multithreaded physics!
(edit) @1965   13 years rgrieder file required after all.
(edit) @1964   13 years rgrieder clicked on the wrong folder.. Here are the CMLs changes.
(edit) @1963   13 years rgrieder Added Bullet physics engine.
(edit) @1962   13 years rgrieder small fixes.
(edit) @1961   13 years rgrieder updated msvc files and adjusted merged files.
(edit) @1960   13 years landauf - some unsigned int conversions (except gamestatemanager) - small fix …
(edit) @1959   13 years rgrieder Merged script_trigger branch into objecthierarchy branch. Also merged …
(edit) @1958   13 years scheusso and here are the missing files
(edit) @1957   13 years scheusso small Test-object
(edit) @1956   13 years bknecht now you can also invert the mode in the XML loading
(edit) @1955   13 years scheusso ClientInformation is now consisten with other classes regarding …
(edit) @1954   13 years bknecht Triggers now implemented. Trigger may now have children, two or four …
(edit) @1953   13 years landauf added chat overlay
(edit) @1952   13 years scheusso -fixed a compiler error -fixed a problem with multiple clients connected
(edit) @1951   13 years polakma Objekte erstellt.
(edit) @1950   13 years landauf small update to do further network tests
(edit) @1949   13 years rgrieder Moved all showsGraphics, hasServer, etc. functions from Settings class …
(edit) @1948   13 years rgrieder Fixed a bug with an index variable not being set to 0 first.
(edit) @1947   13 years rgrieder updated msvc files.
(edit) @1946   13 years landauf synchronizes the players name
(edit) @1945   13 years landauf added option "forceCallback" to updateData(…) in Synchronisable to …
(edit) @1944   13 years scheusso Some fixes in gamestate generation and handling (especially when no …
(edit) @1943   13 years landauf more fixes… damn strings :D
(edit) @1942   13 years landauf another small fix and a new levelfile (media update)
(edit) @1941   13 years scheusso small fix
(edit) @1940   13 years landauf did some first (and very unfinished) steps to deal with different …
(edit) @1939   13 years scheusso forgot some things
(edit) @1938   13 years scheusso added ClientConnectionListener that get information about clients …
(edit) @1936   13 years FelixSchulthess i create lod branch again
(edit) @1935   13 years FelixSchulthess i hate vim and i remove lod branch
(edit) @1933   13 years martisty Collision detection
(edit) @1929   13 years chpeter create new network branch
(edit) @1928   13 years chpeter delete old network branch
(edit) @1927   13 years dsommer added pickup branch
(edit) @1926   13 years polakma create new weapon branch
(edit) @1925   13 years rgrieder Correcting some typos and adding an include and a library.
(edit) @1924   13 years rgrieder Added little physics test using OgreODE.
(edit) @1923   13 years rgrieder Cleaned up the heavy mess with header file includes in OgreOde. It …
(edit) @1922   13 years rgrieder Minor adjustments to OgreODE when compiling under gcc.
(edit) @1920   13 years rgrieder First attempt to find ODE on a tardis box.
(edit) @1919   13 years rgrieder Added OgreODE to our source repository because already we really need …
(edit) @1918   13 years rgrieder updated msvc files
(edit) @1917   13 years landauf added some includes
(edit) @1916   13 years landauf removed WorldEntity, SpaceShip and several other objects removed …
(edit) @1915   13 years FelixSchulthess creating planets branch from trunk
(edit) @1914   13 years rgrieder Created branch to work on stats overlays.
(edit) @1913   13 years rgrieder Created branch to integrate ODE into our project.
(edit) @1912   13 years landauf created branch to work on the new object-hierarchy
(edit) @1906   13 years rgrieder added OrxonoxStableHeaders.h to new source files.
(edit) @1904   13 years rgrieder Tiny correction. The branch now compiles runs on my box.
(edit) @1903   13 years scheusso improved (clientbased) diffing for Gamestates
(edit) @1902   13 years rgrieder Fixed double statement in concerning Settings::hasServer()
(edit) @1901   13 years scheusso Lots of changes: Some fixes/hacks in objects Changes in Gamestates and …
(edit) @1895   13 years dafrick
(edit) @1892   13 years rgrieder Added isClient() function in Settings.
(edit) @1890   13 years scheusso first efforts to make the network module 64bit compatible gamestates …
(edit) @1886   13 years adrfried Set library path on Windoof.
(edit) @1885   13 years rgrieder src/ois include directory is required after all: for ois subfolders
(edit) @1884   13 years rgrieder We had no overview of include directories: - Placed all of them in …
(edit) @1883   13 years adrfried Fix for older CMake versions. Works on Tardis.
(edit) @1882   13 years adrfried out-of-source-builds working in basics
(edit) @1875   13 years rgrieder Created branch for Adrian's ticket.
(edit) @1870   13 years martisty done…
(edit) @1869   13 years bhildebr Ben's tutorial ship from the PPS course
(edit) @1868   13 years mkaiser Mup
(edit) @1867   13 years dafrick My ship - J.B.
(edit) @1866   13 years rgrieder don't complain..
(edit) @1865   13 years rgrieder more mistakes..
(edit) @1864   13 years rgrieder more adjustments to the tutorial
(edit) @1863   13 years rgrieder final adjustments to the tutorial
(edit) @1862   13 years rgrieder added some open ended stuff
(edit) @1861   13 years rgrieder unintentionally commented a line..
(edit) @1860   13 years rgrieder added start.ini to disable the menu.
(edit) @1859   13 years rgrieder Disabled all spaceship effects per default.
(edit) @1858   13 years FelixSchulthess removing lod branch because i cannot run orxonox
(edit) @1857   13 years rgrieder Added comments to the TutorialShip
(edit) @1855   13 years rgrieder TutorialShip should now do basic stuff.
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