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(edit) @1943   12 years landauf more fixes… damn strings :D
(edit) @1942   12 years landauf another small fix and a new levelfile (media update)
(edit) @1941   12 years scheusso small fix
(edit) @1940   12 years landauf did some first (and very unfinished) steps to deal with different …
(edit) @1939   12 years scheusso forgot some things
(edit) @1938   12 years scheusso added ClientConnectionListener that get information about clients …
(edit) @1937   12 years landauf fixed radar-colour and AI-freeze bugs
(edit) @1936   12 years FelixSchulthess i create lod branch again
(edit) @1935   12 years FelixSchulthess i hate vim and i remove lod branch
(edit) @1934   12 years rgrieder Re-reverted revisions 1931-1932
(edit) @1933   12 years martisty Collision detection
(edit) @1932   12 years rgrieder Reverted the two command line arguments
(edit) @1931   12 years rgrieder Added command line argument 'keyboard_no_grad' to suppress keyboard …
(edit) @1930   12 years rgrieder Added command line argument 'level' to specify the level file. Include …
(edit) @1929   12 years chpeter create new network branch
(edit) @1928   12 years chpeter delete old network branch
(edit) @1927   12 years dsommer added pickup branch
(edit) @1926   12 years polakma create new weapon branch
(edit) @1925   12 years rgrieder Correcting some typos and adding an include and a library.
(edit) @1924   12 years rgrieder Added little physics test using OgreODE.
(edit) @1923   12 years rgrieder Cleaned up the heavy mess with header file includes in OgreOde. It …
(edit) @1922   12 years rgrieder Minor adjustments to OgreODE when compiling under gcc.
(edit) @1921   12 years rgrieder Added Orxonox version information.
(edit) @1920   12 years rgrieder First attempt to find ODE on a tardis box.
(edit) @1919   12 years rgrieder Added OgreODE to our source repository because already we really need …
(edit) @1918   12 years rgrieder updated msvc files
(edit) @1917   12 years landauf added some includes
(edit) @1916   12 years landauf removed WorldEntity, SpaceShip and several other objects removed …
(edit) @1915   12 years FelixSchulthess creating planets branch from trunk
(edit) @1914   12 years rgrieder Created branch to work on stats overlays.
(edit) @1913   12 years rgrieder Created branch to integrate ODE into our project.
(edit) @1912   12 years landauf created branch to work on the new object-hierarchy
(edit) @1911   12 years landauf small camera fix
(edit) @1910   12 years scheusso reverted a change in ogre.cfg-init
(edit) @1909   12 years rgrieder merge adjustments for msvc
(edit) @1908   12 years scheusso missing bracket
(edit) @1907   12 years scheusso merged network branch back to trunk
(edit) @1906   12 years rgrieder added OrxonoxStableHeaders.h to new source files.
(edit) @1905   12 years rgrieder Minor changes in directory structure of msvc dependencies to enhance …
(edit) @1904   12 years rgrieder Tiny correction. The branch now compiles runs on my box.
(edit) @1903   12 years scheusso improved (clientbased) diffing for Gamestates
(edit) @1902   12 years rgrieder Fixed double statement in concerning Settings::hasServer()
(edit) @1901   12 years scheusso Lots of changes: Some fixes/hacks in objects Changes in Gamestates and …
(edit) @1900   12 years rgrieder placed msvc project "orxonox" at the beginning of orxonox_vc8.sln to …
(edit) @1899   12 years rgrieder cleaned the newly created orxonox.ini files in init/ so that only …
(edit) @1898   12 years rgrieder what's my laptop name doing there? Microsoft keeps track…
(edit) @1897   12 years rgrieder Added init directory that contains all the files required to run …
(edit) @1896   12 years rgrieder In msvc files: - linked lua and tolua statically to toluagen and …
(edit) @1895   12 years dafrick
(edit) @1894   12 years rgrieder - Converted ExprParser to 4 spaces/tab - Tiny little bug in
(edit) @1893   12 years landauf updated IRC server (update media repository too)
(edit) @1892   12 years rgrieder Added isClient() function in Settings.
(edit) @1891   12 years rgrieder Moved all Ogre related code from GSRoot to GSGraphics. You should now …
(edit) @1890   12 years scheusso first efforts to make the network module 64bit compatible gamestates …
(edit) @1889   12 years landauf unsigned int → size_t for std::string related functions I hope this …
(edit) @1888   12 years rgrieder gcc can see more: signed —> unsigned integer.
(edit) @1887   12 years rgrieder FIRST THINGS FIRST: Delete or rename your keybindings.ini …
(edit) @1886   12 years adrfried Set library path on Windoof.
(edit) @1885   12 years rgrieder src/ois include directory is required after all: for ois subfolders
(edit) @1884   12 years rgrieder We had no overview of include directories: - Placed all of them in …
(edit) @1883   12 years adrfried Fix for older CMake versions. Works on Tardis.
(edit) @1882   12 years adrfried out-of-source-builds working in basics
(edit) @1881   12 years rgrieder Changed initialisation of internally handled InputStates and InputHandlers.
(edit) @1880   12 years rgrieder removed gcc warning about initialisation order in InputState::InputState()
(edit) @1879   12 years rgrieder Removed some always-true statements that gcc issued with the -W …
(edit) @1878   12 years rgrieder Fixed two issues with input: - Buffer gets cleared now when the window …
(edit) @1877   12 years rgrieder - finished renaming msvc files - the default dependency directory for …
(edit) @1876   12 years rgrieder svn save in order to switch filenames and keep versioning
(edit) @1875   12 years rgrieder Created branch for Adrian's ticket.
(edit) @1874   12 years rgrieder reverted changes from revision 1871. I'm terribly sorry, but the …
(edit) @1873   12 years rgrieder Bugfix in CMakeLists
(edit) @1872   12 years rgrieder - Modified cmake files to support library finding when using Visual …
(edit) @1871   12 years adrfried More warnings enabled
(edit) @1870   12 years martisty done…
(edit) @1869   12 years bhildebr Ben's tutorial ship from the PPS course
(edit) @1868   12 years mkaiser Mup
(edit) @1867   12 years dafrick My ship - J.B.
(edit) @1866   12 years rgrieder don't complain..
(edit) @1865   12 years rgrieder more mistakes..
(edit) @1864   12 years rgrieder more adjustments to the tutorial
(edit) @1863   12 years rgrieder final adjustments to the tutorial
(edit) @1862   12 years rgrieder added some open ended stuff
(edit) @1861   12 years rgrieder unintentionally commented a line..
(edit) @1860   12 years rgrieder added start.ini to disable the menu.
(edit) @1859   12 years rgrieder Disabled all spaceship effects per default.
(edit) @1858   12 years FelixSchulthess removing lod branch because i cannot run orxonox
(edit) @1857   12 years rgrieder Added comments to the TutorialShip
(edit) @1856   12 years landauf - some small adjustments in identifier and co. - renamed …
(edit) @1855   12 years rgrieder TutorialShip should now do basic stuff.
(edit) @1854   12 years landauf - some cmake fixes for ceguilua and mingw - small change in XMLPort
(edit) @1853   12 years rgrieder Added missing file from merge.
(edit) @1852   12 years rgrieder TutorialShip compiles now. Still a stub.
(edit) @1851   12 years bknecht LuaBind ↔Script confusion solved (thx Reto for noticing)\n Solved 4 …
(edit) @1850   12 years rgrieder reverted r1833: SpaceShip was split up
(edit) @1849   12 years rgrieder MINGW32 fix again for other CEGUILua version.
(edit) @1848   12 years rgrieder Bugfix for MINGW32 in CEGUILua.h
(edit) @1847   12 years rgrieder added TutorialShip. Not yet working
(edit) @1846   12 years rgrieder Merged Revisions 1831 - 1845 to tutorial. This is an update from the trunk.
(edit) @1845   12 years rgrieder in msvc files: tixml —> tinyxml
(edit) @1844   12 years rgrieder Removed ois dependency from orxonox and removed lua dependency from util
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