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source: data/contentcreation/pps/MirkoKaiser/OrxMod/CuboidSS/Version 0/meshes/OgreXMLConverter.log @ 5218

Last change on this file since 5218 was 5218, checked in by mkaiser, 11 years ago
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119:05:45: Creating resource group General
219:05:45: Creating resource group Internal
319:05:45: Creating resource group Autodetect
419:05:45: Registering ResourceManager for type Mesh
519:05:45: Registering ResourceManager for type Material
619:05:45: Registering ResourceManager for type Skeleton
719:05:45: XMLMeshSerializer reading mesh data from /home/wallah/Desktop/OrxonoxPPS/OrxMod/CuboidSS/meshes/SeCiBo1.mesh.xml...
819:05:45: Reading submeshes...
919:05:45: Reading geometry...
1019:05:46: Geometry done...
1119:05:46: Submeshes done.
1219:05:46: XMLMeshSerializer import successful.
1319:05:46: Reorganising vertex buffers to automatic layout..
1419:05:46: MeshSerializer writing mesh data to /home/wallah/Desktop/OrxonoxPPS/OrxMod/CuboidSS/meshes/SeCiBo1.mesh...
1519:05:46: File header written.
1619:05:46: Writing mesh data...
1719:05:46: Writing submesh...
1819:05:46: Exporting submesh texture aliases...
1919:05:46: Submesh texture aliases exported.
2019:05:46: Submesh exported.
2119:05:46: Exporting bounds information....
2219:05:46: Bounds information exported.
2319:05:46: Exporting submesh name table...
2419:05:46: Submesh name table exported.
2519:05:46: Exporting edge lists...
2619:05:46: Edge lists exported
2719:05:46: Mesh data exported.
2819:05:46: MeshSerializer export successful.
2919:05:46: Unregistering ResourceManager for type Skeleton
3019:05:46: Unregistering ResourceManager for type Material
3119:05:46: Unregistering ResourceManager for type Mesh
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