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1Hi there,
3We are proud to present you Orxonox - the most ferious 3D space shooter ever to exist.
5This game is free, if you have paid for this, get your money back! The source code of this game is licensed under the GPL (GNU General Public License).
6The game content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.5 license. For more information read LICENSE in the same folder you found this file.
8For directions to install this game, please check out the file INSTALL or
10This application uses the Ogre Graphics Engine (, if you haven't already downloaded a precompiled version of Ogre with this package. Visit our webpage to get your Orxonox compatible version of the Ogre libraries.
12This is an open source game. If you want to contribute check out to find more information how you could help us making the game better. We are always looking for programmers and content designers, who like to contribute.
14We hope you have fun playing the game. Check out for news and newer versions of the game.
16Please contact us in our forum ( ) or check out our contact page ( ). We hope to hear from you and are looking forward to your feedback.
20The Orxonox Development Team
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