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Installing the MinGW, msys & Libraries

  1. First of all you need subversion from []. There is also a GUI version at (The command line version is good if you are experienced with the shell, otherwise download the GUI version)
  2. Download and install  minGW
  3. Download  msys
    1. Install msys on another path than minGW
    2. During the installation process answer yes (y) twice
    3. Type in the exact path of minGW directory, so msys can configure the important links.
  4. Install  msysDTK to the same direcory as msys.
  5. Extract the  toMSYS.rar to the same direcory as msys.
  6. Extract the  toMinGW.rar to the same direcory as minGW.
  7. Download and install the newest version of Trolltech's Qt at
  8. Optionally you can download the  Orxonox runtime libraries


  1. Start msys
  2. Go to the project directory
     $ cd orxonox
  3. Run
     $ ./
     $ ./configure
     $ make

(note that all packages can be downloaded from from