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The PhysicsEngine is the core of orxonox's Physically based animations. It is like all other modules self sustainded, and one can easily add numerous objects to it


  • PhysicsInterface:

this is a class, that when extended automatically assumes, that a certain object is Physically animatable. This means, one just have to do in the declaration:

class CoolAnt : public WorldEntity : public PhysicsInterface
 { ..... };

and it is handled by the PhysicsEngine.

  • CollisionDetection (still in development)

with this module one can easily make any PhysicsInterface collide with any other PhysicsInterface

  • Fields: Fields operate on PhysicsInterface's, and as such are the generating forces that generate Physical Interactions. They can be coppled with any PhysicsInterface through the PhysicsConnection class
    Field* field = new Gravity();
    new PhysicsConnection (coolAnt, field);
    again, this is from this moment on handled by the PhysicsEngine, and one does not have to care about this connection anymore.