Godray Shader

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You can get the "Proof of Concept"-shader and -project from my contentcreation repository.


These shots were made in Nvidia FX Composer 2.5 during shader debugging.

Other Contribution

Nano Space

The smallest spaceship of human kind evar! Everything can be dynamicly modified for LOD.

It can be downloaded from my contentcreation repository.


Copyright (c) 2011 Markus Wegmann

About Me

Hi folks,
I'm Markus Wegmann, coming from Stans, a nice village in Central-Switzerland, and I'm studying "Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies" at the ETH Zürich since 2010. I have huge interests in 3d-graphics, design, game programming, and last but not least - true gaming itself.
In my spare time I enjoy to play the guitar, jamming with my mates, and making some sound/noise. To bridge the gap between music and electronics, I have some cool skills in DAWs (e.g. Cubase) and Mixing too.

Greetz from Atok

(c) 2010 Markus Wegmann


You can find me as "Atokulus" in the official forum (or on Steam :) .

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