Manuel Stalder

About Me

My name is Manuel Stalder, I come from Bern and I'm in the second semester at ITET.


I'm interested in programming generally, but especially excited to learn how a real 3d-Game is made. I'm looking forward to see how all the small parts of such a big project come together and work as an entity. So I hope I can implement a funny new weapon to get to know multiple different aspects of working on such a project.

Other Interests

As the choice of this PPS might suggest, one of my hobbies is gaming (SC2,CoD,TES4: Oblivion). But I have also other interests beside the computer: In winter, I'm really into snowboarding. When its warm, I like to race up and down the Gurnigel with my friends on our motorcycles. I'm also training my juggling and fire-breathing skills when its summer, which may make me a freak, but I wanted to be honest here ;)